Take a leap with Campaign #ForChange, where you get to take actions to make your life more meaningful.

Tracking your actions together with other Changemakers like yourself will motivate you to stick to your goals. Before long, you will see how your new habit has impacted your life and everybody else’s!!

Creating better social habits, tracking your social impact, and meeting people who want to change the world with you!

In this day and age, we track almost everything with our phones to live a better life. From our daily steps taken to the amount of water we consume, from our monthly spending to our sleep patterns. These are amazing, but why stop at a better you? Why not a better world?

As a Changemaker, a variety of Challenges about the Environment, Education, Equality and Health await you on the app.

Join a Challenge (a collection of Actions to be done in order) or accept individual Action to maximize your potential to learn and retain new social habits. On top of this, Changemakers also get to discover and support many communities campaigning for a variety of social issues.

As a Community, you get to create Action and to be part of different Challenges.

Doing so will maximize your message and expand your reach! Many of our Challenge are sponsored by verified Champions, who will provide you with mentorship, financial support and other incentives. Plus, don’t forget to connect with other Communities and build your network for solidarity!

Together we create an ecosystem for change — for you and for everyone.

Can the world count on you #ForChange?