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What is Campaign.com?
We are a Social Action platform where campaign organizers can challenge their supporters to take action and unlock donations from sponsors.
Who can use the Campaign #ForChange app?
Sponsors (customer) - Companies, Foundations and Individuals can choose campaign challenges to sponsor with their sponsorship funds to the organizer unlocked based on each campaign challenge completed by the supporters and verified by Campaign.com.
Campaign organizers (user) - Charities, grassroot communities, student groups, social organizations and individuals are able to start campaigns and challenges on our platform.
Supporters (user) - Taking actions to develop new social habits as well as support the organizers to unlock donations from sponsors once they complete a series of actions as part of the campaign challenge.
What kind activities does Campaign.com do?
Campaign.com collaborates with campaign Organizers, Sponsors and Supporters to support a variety of social issues. Our activities include:
  1. Open Call for community collaboration which can be accessed at http://bit.ly/opencallcommunities2021
  2. Campaign ambassador check https://campaign.com/Ambassador
  3. Roadshows throughout Indonesia to reach out to social organizations
  4. Online Course on social campaigns for social organizations
    As well as many more capacity building activities for campaign Organizers, Sponsors and supporters
What does a Campaign mean on the Campaign #ForChange app?
A Campaign is a social campaign made by an Organizer in regards to an existing social issue. A Campaign could have one or more Challenges as a way for Supporters to give their public support to said Campaign.
What does a Challenge mean on the Campaign #ForChange app?.
Challenge is a feature where Supporters to take Action to show support for socoal issues. Some Challenges have Sponsors, meaning that a collection of Actions by Supporters in the Challenge will unlock donations that will be given to the Organizer. This donation can later be used to by the Organizers to keep fighting social issues that they focus on.
How does Campaign.com support social communities and organizations?
We provide full support to communities or social organizations on the Campaign #ForChange app and beyond. On the app, we help social organizations reach a bigger audience for their social campaings, and we also open opportunities for them to create Challenges where they can collaborate with Sponsors to get funding. Beyond the app, we help provide capacity building on how to build a good campaign from start to finish.
Where does the donation on the Campaign #ForChange app come from?
The donation given to Organizers comes from sponsorship funds tied to the Challenges.
How often does Campaign.com accept people into its internship program?
In 2021, we open our internship program all year long. For more information, check campaign.com/career.
Why doesn't Campaign.com allow political campaigns?
At the beginning of Campaign.com's journey, we unconsciously dedicated a lot of time to social organizations. Over time, we felt more and more motivated so that in the end we decided to focus entirely on social campaigns.
Why is your mascot an astronaut?
In outerspace, as astronauts, we need to work together to survive. Then, in our spacesuit, our differences such as the color of our skin, gender, and others don't matter. We are all a part of humanity.
Is Campaign.com a non-profit organization?
Is Campaign.com a legal entity?
Campaign.com is a Limited Liability Company (PT) legal entity called PT Uni Tokopo Teknologi for technology development and operational implementation. We also have a separate legal entity called A Better World Foundation for fundraising activities.
Does Campaign.com have the license for fundraising?
In accordance with the prevailing laws and regulations in Indonesia, A Better World Foundation was established based on the Decree of the Ministry of Law and Human Rights of the Republic of Indonesia No. AHU-0005636.AH.01.04. 2020 and PT Uni Tokopo Teknologi based on the Decree of the Ministry of Law and Human Rights of the Republic of Indonesia No. AHU-0004577.AH.01.02.YEAR 2017.
Apakah informasi ini cukup membantu?