Apakah informasi ini cukup membantu?
What is the benefit of joining the Campaign #ForChange app?
The Actions you take to support social campaigns will unlock a donation from Sponsors. This donation will be given to the Organizers. Apart from that, you can also form new and updated social habits with various social issues.
What do I do after signing in?
Discover and take part in Challenges:
• On the Home page, find recommended Challenges to start a new habit.
• On the Challenge page, see detailed information about the Challenge.
• Click Join Challenge, then take the correct Actions according to the instructions given.

Explore social issues raised by the Organizer:
• Click Hub in the middle menu bar.
• You can explore campaigns, updates, and even events from existing social organizations.
What is the difference between Daily Challenges and Multi-Action Challenges?
Daily Challenges: Take the same Action everyday for the duration specified by the Organizer. Every day, you can only do 1 Action.

Multi-Action Challenges: Take different Actions. All Actions here can be done at any time.
I have a question that doesn't appear on this page.
Please contact us via social media or you can leave a message at https://campaign.com/contact/us
What benefit could I receive from finishing all the Actions in a social Challenge?.
By completing all Actions in a Challenge you have the potential to develop social habits. Apart from that, you can also donate to social issues without spending money.
What does it mean that my Action leads to a donation?
Every time you complete a Challenge, donation by the Sponsor of the Challenge will be distributed to the Organizer involved.
I want to be more than a Supporter. How can I get involved in a social campaign?
There are several ways for you to contribute more:
Become an Intern: https://campaign.com/career
Become an Ambassador: https://campaign.com/Ambassador
I'm an educator and I want to collaborate with Campaign.com to introduce this app to my students. What should I do?
We collaborate often with schools and universities through a program called Social Fair Day: https://www.campaign.com/ SocialFairDay
Do I have to have an account on Campaign #ForChange to take an Action in a Challenge?
Can I share my account's information with somebody else?
For security reasons, we recommend not sharing your account with other people so that your privacy is maintained.
I'm experiencing an issue with the app. What can I do?
Contact us via social media or send us an email at [email protected]
Can I support a campaign by making a direct donation?
If you are interested in making a monetary donation, contact our sponsorship team at https://campaign.com/ about/Sponsor.
Apakah informasi ini cukup membantu?