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Does Campaign.com have a sponsorship program that accepts sponsorship funds?
Yes. At Campaign.com, Sponsors are considered Changemakers who fund Challenges run by Organizers. Campaign.com's sponsorship programs can be tailored to the Sponsor's needs and covers issues of education, equality, health and the environment.
Who can become a Sponsor at Campaign.com?
Campaign.com's sponsorship program is open for foundations, companies, and individuals.
Where can I find more information about ongoing sponsorship programs?
Please contact us via https://campaign.com/about/sponsor or our social media at @Campaign_id (Instagram)
How does Sponsorship work at Campaign.com?
First, the Sponsor selects the Challenge to sponsor, then an MOU process is carried out with Campaign.com to ensure the Sponsor has committed to channeling donations to the Organizer who created the Challenge. Sponsor's donations will be distributed to the Organizer or unlocked when Supporters take and complete the Actions in the Challenge on the Campaign #ForChange app. Campaign.com's sponsorship program is collaborative and aims to make long-term positive change.
Does Campaign.com accept in-kind Sponsorships or sponshorship in the form of goods and services? .
Campaign.com primarily accepts cash sponsorship, but we welcome in-kind sponsorship from Sponsors who have officially onboarded with us.
What are the benefits of becoming a Sponsor at Campaign.com?
You will be able to contribute to social issues and partner with verified organizations, connect with a network of young social organizers, build a positive brand image, and foster team loyalty. Plus, all of the activities at Campaign.com are digital-based, meaning we can easily monitor them and maintain the health and safety of everyone involved.
How will a Sponsor receive information about the Challenge it's funding?
Impact reports will be sent periodically to the Sponsor to keep you informed about the progress of the sponsored Challenge. The Sponsorship Team is always ready to help Sponsors with various information inquiries at any time.
What happens if at the end of a Challenge period, the amount of Actions collected has not met the Challenge's target?
There are three options for Sponsor to choose from:
  1. Campaign.com will apply for an extension of time to the relevant Sponsor so that the Organizer can reach its target.
  2. Sponsor may allocate donations to other Campaign Challenges in accordance with Sponsor's vision, mission and objectives.
  3. Donations that are not distributed because the Action target is not achieved will be returned to the Sponsor.
Are there any type of companies or industries that are not allowed to become a Sponsor at Campaign.com?
Campaign.com's sponsorship program is open to individuals and organizations from all industries as long as they have never been involved in cases of human rights violations, law, environmental exploitation, and racial violence. However, a Sponsor's involvement in a Challenge must also be approved by the Organizer.
Apakah informasi ini cukup membantu?