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Who can be categorized as a Organizer at Campaign.com?
Organizers that can collaborate with Campaign.com consist of organizations, grassroot communities, foundations, institutions, NGOs, and other associations that work and focus on social isuses and problems in Indonesia, especially focusing on issues of Education, Health, Equality, and also the Environment.
Why do Organizers should collaborate with Campaign.com?
We provide a platform for all Organizers to take the first steps to voice their so that they gain gets awareness, branding, and the opportunity to collaborate more with hundreds of other Organizers. In addition, we also act as bridge for Organizers to meet with Sponsors of Campaign.com to elevate their impact on society.
What are the requirements for Organizers wanting to join and collaborate with Campaign.com?
Currently, there is no strict requirements for Organizers in the form of how long the Organizers have existed, how many activities they have carried out, et cetera. What we pay attention to is the Organizer consistency, commitment, and the willingness to work and learn together.
My organization wants to join Campaign.com. What can we do?
You can register through the Campaign.com website on the Organizer page and fill in the typeform we have provided, or email us at [email protected]
What is the selection process like?.
The Campaign.com team will contact the Organizer for additional information. This information includes the kind of Action and Challenge that the Organizer want to create. In addition, this process includes verification, data validation, and discussion to finalize the concept of a social campaign that will be launched later.
What should Organizers prepare?
Make sure the Organizer has prepared background information to the problem that the Organizer wants to campaign about with Campaign.com. This helps us with the Challenge and Action creation later. In addition, make sure your team has enough people to carry out this collaboration!
How long is the duration of each social campaign created by an Organizer?
It depends on the target set by the Organizer. The collaboration takes place within a period of 1-3 months, or longer if the Organizer wants to extend and increase its impact.
What are specific requirements for Challenges or Actions created by an Organizer?
No. Campaign.com focuses on how much impact the Supporter can feel. This impact can lead to the formation of new, more positive habits, or a wider education of different issues. We also hope that this impact will be felt by the Organizer itelf so that the team feel more confident in voicing various social issues and problems.
Do Supporters have to take an Action everyday?
This is determined by the Organizer. Currently Campaign #ForChange has two types of Challenges:
Multi-Action Challenges, which aims to introduce and educate Supporters more deeply about these social issues and in it there are at least 4 different Actions that can also be done in a day.
Daily Challenges, which aims to help Supporters build new social habits or maintain impactful and sustainable social habits by repeating the same Action for days.

Watch this video for more details: https://youtu.be/N-o9hMueisE
Can Organizers receive monetary donation from this collaboration?
Yes. When the Organizer completes the form to join Campaign.com, there will be a donation target and a plan to use the donation later. So the Organizer will get an amount of donation that depends on the number of Supporters who complete your Challenge. In addition, at the end of the collaboration there will also be an impact report as a form of responsibility for donations that have been received.
What is the process of disbursement of the donation? Will Campaign.com help?
Yes we will. At the beginning of the agreement, there will be an MoU containing the Terms & Conditions for donations including disbursement. The Campaign.com team will contact the Organizer to manage the disbursement of this donation when the collaboration time has ended or the Challenge period has expired. This disbursement also be affected by the impact report which the Organizer will later submit and other information that we need.
What happens when at the end of the Challenge period, the target has not been met?
Campaign.com is very open to discussion whether there will be an extension of the period or not. This will also involve the Sponsor who is the channel of the donation, of course, whether they also agree to make an extension or not. To anticipate this, the Organizer must maximize the active period of the campaign to achieve the predetermined targets.
Can a grassroot community or social organization collaborate with Campaign.com outside of creating a social campaign? For example, for events or a talkshow?
Yes, you can! You can contact the Campaign.com team and provide a proposal for submission of collaboration.
Apakah informasi ini cukup membantu?