Campaign 101
Hop on board with our lingo:

Anyone can create and start a movement on ❤ Campaign ❤- our current and past campaigns have been initiated by anyone from conglomerates to non-profits, from individuals to creative campus kids.

A❤campaign❤is many things: a landing page, a homebase for your tribe, a collective social hub for change - be it a policy or mindset change.

Each comes complete with a❤hashtag,❤title❤and unique URL.

Supporters❤are the kind people that perform❤actions❤in support of campaigns photo, video or audio uploads that contribute to a cause❤s content, or are pledges for a larger cause.

Starting and Managing Campaigns
Who launches campaigns?

Any individual, group or organization can launch a campaign. All you need is the desire to spread messages about a belief, interest or cause that matters to you. We have started and hosted campaigns for brands, non-profits and even varsity groups! Anyone can start a journey with us.

How do I start a campaign?

Tell us more about your cause or your passion. Click ❤Start your campaign?? or ❤Contact Us?? and provide us with your name, email, contact number (and organization details if any). We will be glad to get in touch to meet you.

Joining and Supporting Campaigns
How do I support a Campaign?

Sign in with either your Facebook account or email address and an account will be automatically created for you. Discover campaigns you care about.

How can I participate in a campaign?

Participate by taking an Action, uploading a photo or audio file matching the campaign description.

How else can I support a campaign?

Maintain an online conversation by sharing your Action(s) via our social share buttons or nominating your friends.

In addition, supporting any campaign will subscribe you to receive updates on its progress. You can also interact with fellow supporters through comments and votes.

How can I nominate or invite my friends to join a campaign?

Here at Campaign, we give you the tools to spread your message quickly.

I have being featured in a campaign . What should I do next?

e.g. Hey Jessica, think this Shark Savers campaign is right up your alley. Submit a photo to pledge against the shark fin trade!

I made a mistake in my post. How can I edit or delete it?

While logged in to your account, navigate to the entry and click on the trash can iconto delete it

If you are encountering problems, please email the exact URL of the entries to [email protected] with the title �Removal of entry??.

click on the share button the campaign page to spread the link. Post and tag your friends on Facebook or Twitter, or nominate them to join via email. Personalize the message to make them feel special that they were chosen to participate with you!

Features are recognitions for excellence, given to certain supporters of each Campaign. Most of the time, it is an awesome title, but on certain occasions there are nifty gifts pegged to them.

If you receive a Featured Entry Notification email with a prize, reply to the specific email provided with your details. Our friendly Campaign representatives or partner organizations will be in touch with you shortly.

How do I flag an inappropriate action?

You can flag an action by clicking the flag icon. Flagging an action on Campaign tells us that the action requires the campaign organizer's attention. Flagging an action is only counted once per person; you only need to do it once.

When should I flag an action?

Actions should be flagged for:

  • Spamming
  • Violating our site or the campaign organizer's policy
  • Being clearly unrelated
  • Attacking others personally

Generally, actions should not be flagged for:

  • Disagreeing with the content
  • Disputing with other users
My upload does not seem to be showing on the page, or it was unpublished. What should I do?

This might have happened if you did not meet the terms and conditions of the campaign.

If your contribution is still not added to the campaign, email us at [email protected] and we�d love to find out more.

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